Guidelines for digital teaching

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Find the right tools

If you answer a few questions about the teaching methods you want to use, we can help you find the right digital tools to support your teaching and your students' learning.

Guarantee accessibility for all students

This quiz can give you an overview of whether your course webs are up to standard when it comes to accessibility.

Get helpful insight into digital teaching methods

There are a wide range of digital teaching tools available at UI that can effectively support learning, whether that learning takes place completely online, partially online or face to face. The Division of Academic Affairs employs experts in the use of these tools. Detailed instructions are also available.

When instructors are planning courses, they must make it a priority to ensure that all students are able to access the material. There are often simple changes that can be made to improve accessibility and ensure that all students are able to learn from the set course material.

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The first step is to look over the list of questions and read the more detailed explanations when the subject seems complicated.


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The next step is to answer the questions, making sure to read the explanations so that you understand what is being asked. You don't necessarily have to answer all the questions the first time round and you can always take the quiz again.


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When you have answered the questions, you will get an overview of your responses. This will include links to instructions on how to set up digital assignments or improve accessibility. Your results will be given a code which you can send to us to receive personalised support in improving your digital teaching.